To the One I Met in May

We Met In May (from Katherine Forrest Hamill’s Poems of Life)

We met in May, I know you have forgotten,
Have long since put all thought of me away;
Yet in my heart the mem’ry ever lingers,—
We met in May.

Fragrant the air with redolence of blossom!
Matchless the sky of perfect, cloudless blue!
And oh! the music that the world was ringing—
When I met you.

Another has your fancy from me captured;
Her lot,—Fate’s tenderer impulse to know.
Whilst I, adown the years waiting the facing,
Alone, must go.

No thought is mine save that bequeaths a blessing;—
God grant your life be a long, happy day.
You have forgotten, but I must remember,—
We met in May.

To you, who I met in May: you may have forgotten but I sure will always remember. I hope you are as happy with your life as I am with mine now. 🙂

I stumbled upon this poem while proofreading for Project Gutenberg at the Distributed Proofreaders. You can get a copy of the book here.


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