Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I am Most Like

Hello woooorld! Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey (but is now hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes) which features a different theme every week. You can visit the Goodreads group for the topics and other information.

This week’s topic is Characters You Are Most Like. These are characters that I can relate with. I may not be entirely like them but we do share one or two or three character traits. Please click on the images to visit the book/series Goodreads page. Here are the characters that are sooo like me. 🙂

Alice Cullen


Let’s start with physical characteristics, shall we? When Bella first saw Alice, this is how she described her:

“The short girl was pixie-like, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction.”

Though I am nowhere near thin, I am unarguably short. Alice is 4’10” in the books, and I am somewhere between 4’8″ to 4’10”. I’m not actually sure, the results fluctuate every time someone measures my height. I also have black hair and at some point in my life, I had it cropped short.

Amy Cahill


Amy, like most of us, is a bookworm and a great researcher. She is also shy and always stutters. I’m just shy. Hehe. And like Amy, I have an only brother. This brother in question is sooo annoying, to the point that we almost always argue. But deep inside, we love our brothers very much and will do anything, everything, to protect them.

Colin Singleton


I am no prodigy and I have definitely not dated 19 Katherines in my life. According to Hassan, Colin’s friend:

Colin finds everything intriguing. He reads a book about presidents and he remembers more of it because everything he reads clicks in his head as fugging interesting. Honestly, I’ve seen him do it with the phone book. He’ll be like, ‘Oh, there are twenty-four listings for Tischler. How fascinating.

I have enjoyed reading encyclopedias and almanacs long before I enjoyed reading novels. Because my memory is not as good as Colin’s, I reread and reread entries that I find interesting. Funny because Hassan mentioned a book about presidents and that’s one of the topics was interested in back then. Being a prodigy, Colin also has a knack for math. He spent most of his time trying to come up with an equation that predicts the outcome of a relationship based on several factors.

I’m not sure if I should be proud to tell you this, but back in college I had a crush on a graduating student. I rarely see him so I made a program that calculates the probability that I will see him from today until the day of his graduation. Every morning, I run the program and it’s sad to see the probability going down every day. If I’m going to run the program today, I’ll most likely see a 0 probability. Don’t worry, I’m over him now.

Leo Valdez


No, I don’t play with fire! But I share Leo’s easygoing and energetic attitude. Most of the time. When I’m in the mood. Hehe. I always crack jokes, which all my friends do not find funny. Why do I always be the corny one in the group? But I keep making jokes nevertheless, if they don’t find it funny, it’s okay as long as I do. Hahaha.

You will always be the outsider, the seventh wheel. You will not find a place among your brethren.

Leo is one of the demigods in the Propechy of Seven (Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Leo). As you can see, there are three pairings in the group, plus Leo. This makes him feel alone, unwanted, or that he does not belong to group. I feel that too, when I’m with a group of friends, that I am not welcomed there or they might not like me, I should just leave. Like I’m the nth wheel. But of course, that’s not actually true most of the time, they’re just in my head. Or not?

Hermione Granger


I feel like I have no right to compare myself with THE Hermione Granger, but I will do so anyway. We have known Hermione for her intelligence, being consistently on the top of the class. She’s also hardworking when it comes to her studies. I guess those are the traits I share with her. Now, I also do want to learn a lot of things but not the point of enlisting classes in the same timeslot and attending them all anyway. I’m a self(and Pottermore and BuzzFeed)-proclaimed Ravenclaw but I only wish I could be half as smart as her. My parents also tell me I can be bossy at times, but I just don’t notice that. Lastly, I have those large front teeth she once had. Anyone here who knows how to perform a teeth-shrinking charm?

Now, you’ve discovered things about me through this five characters. Do you think you know me better now? Do you see yourself in these characters too? 🙂

Thank you for reading!



  1. Wonder list, hun! 😀

    Woohoo, Leo! But I also love what you wrote about Hermione. Hermione is the most wonderful character in all the books ever written, and it was definitely for the reasons that you mentioned. 🙂


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