The Friday 56 + Book Beginnings: Smaller and Smaller Circles

Friday 56

The Friday 56 is a weekly meme hosted by Freda’s Voice. The rules:

• Grab a book, any book.
• Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader (If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
• Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
• Post it.
• Add the URL of your post in the Linky back at her blog.


Book Beginnings on Friday hosted by Gilon at the Rose City Reader.

Here I’m going to feature the first line or sentence of a book. Because it’s fun to judge books by their opening words and according to Lemony Snicket, “a book’s first sentence can often tell you what sort of story your book contains.”



Nakalimutan mo ba ang curfew? || Review: 12:01 ni Russell Molina at Kajo Baldisimo

“Ang tagal naming hinintay ang pagkakataong ito, na tumugtog sa harap niyo. Wala nang matatakot! Wala nang tatakbo! Walang iwanan! Madaling araw na… gising pa ba kayo?”


Title: 12:01
Author: Russell Molina
Illustrator: Kajo Baldisimo
Genre and Themes: Philippine history, martial law, EDSA revolution
Format: Paperback
Pages: 48
Publication: Adarna House, Inc., February 2016
Read: September 2017

the book | the author | the illustrator


Hatinggabi na.

Nasa labas ka pa rin? Hala.

Nakalimutan mo ba ang curfew?


We need to be sure not to confuse marching forward with forgetting || Review: Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star

“There once was a boy in the north country. He had sisters one, two, three. Love will be true, true to my love. Love will be true to you.”


Title: Sisters One, Two, Three
Author: Nancy Star
Genre and Themes: Contemporary, Family, Moving On
Format: eARC
Pages: 351
Publication: Lake Union Publishing, 1 January 2017
Read: January 2017

the book | the author

After a tragic accident on Martha’s Vineyard, keeping secrets becomes a way of life for the Tangle family. With memories locked away, the sisters take divergent paths. Callie disappears, Mimi keeps so busy she has no time to think, and Ginger develops a lifelong aversion to risk that threatens the relationships she holds most dear.

When a whispered comment overheard by her rebellious teenage daughter forces Ginger to reveal a long-held family secret, the Tangles’ carefully constructed web of lies begins to unravel. Upon the death of Glory, the family’s colorful matriarch, and the return of long-estranged Callie, Ginger resolves to return to Martha’s Vineyard and piece together what really happened on that calamitous day when a shadow fell over four sun-kissed siblings playing at the shore. Along with Ginger’s newfound understanding come the keys to reconciliation: with her mother, with her sisters, and with her daughter.


#ProjectReadathon by Penguin Random House

It was months (or years, I think) ago when I started using this browser extension Tab for a Cause. Basically, when you have it activated, you will earn a Heart every time you open a new tab in your browser. In turn, you can donate these hearts to different institutions or foundations that they are partnered with. Some of these are Save the Children, Room to Read, Human Rights, and Action Against Hunger. This extension is really put to use by me because as a software developer, I definitely open tens to hundreds of tabs per day (I would like to thank Google, StackOverflow, and various computing blogs out there). If you’re interested in trying this app, you can get it here.

Okay, sorry for the random but totally related rambling up there. Let’s get back to the original topic of this post. So today, when I opened my browser, I discovered that Tab for a Cause has partnered with Penguin Random House for a project called #ProjectReadathon. My first reaction was, “So you’re telling me I can just read books and so some little good for the world at the same time? I’m in!” And it’s really lame if I don’t get to share this with you guys.

What is #ProjectReadathon?

The #ProjectReadathon Million Minutes is a campaign by Penguin Random House. It aims to help young readers in local communities throughout North America. There are excerpts from books provided on their website. These excerpts are timed, depending on their length and for every minute that you read, books are donated to Save the Children, which is also one of the organizations I mentioned above. This project runs from April 17 to 23. As we all know, April 23 is World Book Day, and this is also the culminating day. You can find more information about it here.

How do I join?

To join, all you have to do is visit their website and start reading. Sounds easy, right? Here.


You can’t fix people like you can solve a math problem || Review: Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant

“The more I touch someone, the more I can see and understand, and the more I think I can help. But that’s my mistake. I can’t help. You can’t fix people like you can solve a math problem.”


Title: Zenn Diagram
Author: Wendy Brant
Genre and Themes: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Friendship
Format: eARC
Pages: 332
Expected Publication: Kids Can Press, 4 April 2017
Read: January 2017

the book | the author


Eva Walker has literally one friend – if you don’t count her quadruplet three-year-old siblings – and it’s not even because she’s a math nerd. No, Eva is a loner out of necessity, because everyone and everything around her is an emotional minefield. All she has to do is touch someone, or their shirt, or their cell phone, and she can read all their secrets, their insecurities, their fears.

Sure, Eva’s “gift” comes in handy when she’s tutoring math and she can learn where people are struggling just be touching their calculators. For the most part, though, it’s safer to keep her hands to herself. Until she meets six-foot-three, cute-without-trying Zenn Bennett, who makes that nearly impossible.

Zenn’s jacket gives Eva such a dark and violent vision that you’d think not touching him would be easy. But sometimes you have to take a risk…


Hello, world! I’m back with my first book review after being MIA for a while (MONTHS!!!) and I’m excited to share more bookish stuff with you again. I really hoped you missed me as much as I missed blogging and this community. 😀 Here we go… (more…)